About author

     Philosophy and sociology drop out that decided to learn Mandarin Chinese and try to get into merciless entrepreneurship waters of China. The first opportunity came after getting a scholarship at Hainan Univiersity, city of Haikou; just think of a small Chinese island province just across Vietnam – because that’s exactly what it is. Realizing what a weird place this is to be, and in a need to share his experiences and anecdotes with others, but also to connect with the whole expats community in China, he decided to start this little internet diary. And yes, he know it sounds fucking weird when he’s speaking of himself in the third person.

     This blog will thus be primarily dedicated both to exploration of Chinese culture, specific differences with the West, but also trying to describe the current general business and life climate. I want to explore and expound on the Chinese zeitgeist (as pretentious as it sounds).

     The second part of it will be a sort of record, a testament, or sunk ship’s captain’s diary – but in reality a diary of a total idiot’s business ventures. With just a modicum of knowledge, and virtually no experience, know-how and capital, this will surely be a story worth telling. If not for anything, at least for the lulz.